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The autonomous solution for secured inventories.

The service

Ubi-Quitus is based on the concept of physical coupling of objects, to ensure the tracking of an inventory independantly from any data base. Furthermore, this service provides the ability to associate all of these coupled objects to a person.


Ubi-Quitus digitaly certifies that a set of objects had not been modified and that the whole set has been delivered to the right recipient,
Ubi-Quitus reduces the risk of dispute between the operators that has manipulated the objects.


Ubi-Quitus is autonomous, it uses RFID tags with digitally signed memories to validate the integrity of sets of objects and their carier.
The coupling is done by attaching a RFID tag to each object and by associating them using a dedicated programming device.
The control is made instantaneously at checkpoints that can be fixed (entry-exit) or mobile (unexpected). The lack or replacement of an object invalidates the discharge.

The only devices needed by Ubi-Quitus are : RFID memories to make the coupling, antennas and mobile terminals equiped with RFID readers for the controls. Ubi-Quitus is ready to use from a simple software installation.


Ubi-Quitus addresses the companies that need and advanced and secured tracking of their objects :