Your custom RFID solutions

A RFID expert team at your service

Created by INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique) researchers and ingineers, SenseYou highlights more than 10 years of research in the communicating objects domain.
Hence, thanks to the implementation of several innovative solutions, our team has gained a strong expertise with mobile and RFID/NFC technologies.

A support in each step of your projects

The SenseYou team has a strong expertise in the implementation of RFID projects and of communicating objects.
SenseYou provides its support at each step of your projects :
  • - Since the design step, our team guides your technological choices, highlights the concerns and challenges, and helps you throughout the writing of your project specification.
  • - For the implementation, we develop your solutions from end to end with the software adapted to your needs, taking into account the constraints of RFID technologies (Security, interferences…).
  • - For the deployment, we rely on our network of suppliers to provide you a ready-to-use service.

Support domains

The SenseYou team provides you its expertise in the following domains :
  • - RFID and NFC technologies,
  • - connected objects,
  • - RFID implementations for embedded systems : PDA, Tablets, Smartphones...
  • - network solutions.

Download the SenseYou documentation