Your custom RFID solutions

Physical objects coupling

Among communicating objects innovations, INRIA researches introduced the concept of physical objects coupling.

"A physically coupled object is a set of elementary physical objects (or components) that are independent. Checking of the integrity/existence of a physically coupled object is done in closed physical spaces where the presence of this object could trigger operations. Hence, it is not only possible to ensure the presence of every component, but also possible to detect the lack of an elementary object to trigger an exception resulting in an alarm report. "

Thanks to this patented technology, SenseYou designed a software platform to ensure the control and the traceability of sets of objects. The secured and autonomous operating of this solution grants its reliability and availibility to ensure a high quality of service.

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RFID and traceability

The RFID technology offers the means to attach a memory to any object. This memory that can be accessed wirelessly by a reading device from few centimeters to several meters. This technology is used by SenseYou to implement its solutions.

Global management

Behind the applications, SenseYou provides an unique global management solution based on a modular design.
This design allows from time to time :
  • - Accessing information about each step of the parcel transport (state, operator, position, ...)
  • - Automatically triggering alerts to the service manager.

Multiplateform solutions

The solutions provided by SenseYou are adapted to any platform :
  • - At the heart of the company : Programmation and control desks, identification gates.
  • - In a mobile context : Embedded systems, PDA, Tablets, Smartphones.

Smart container

The SenseYou smart container grants end-to-end secured tracking :
  • - It ensures that only the sender and the recipient are in direct contact with the transported objects,
  • - It erases the risk of suspicion/dispute of the employees in charge of the preparation, the shipment or the delivery,
  • - During the transport, it tracks every access to the objects and their content,
  • - It grants the delivery of the content to an authorized and authenticated person.